Who am I? I’m one of those NorCal software engineers who enjoys a peaceful yet abundant life in Bay Area. You’d see me waiting in the long line of traffic turning into Apple Park in Cupertino before the pandemic. With all the ML/NLP domain PHDs around me, I’m having quite some fun learning and growing in this US based tech giant. On the other hand, I’m one of those mainland Chinese who traveled thousands of miles from the East, pursuing the so-called American dream. I would still be wowed by the Golden Gate Bridge and eat at those foreign small…

Meet Zoey and Jake, whose daily job is to eat, meow, have fun and sleep

As a multi-people household with multiple cats, we as human-beings all love our cats, all trying to keep the cats fed regularly two times a day. We found ourselves constantly asking each other: Have you fed the cats? Sometimes we unknowingly feed the cats separately so that the cats would become bigger and bigger. To keep our kitties healthy, we decided to solve this problem.

What we needed was simple: a timer next to the cat bowls showing us when the cats were fed last time. But more than a timer, we want this thing to be more friendly to…

Tianqi Tong

AI/ML engineer in Silicon Valley, Christian, passionate about software and creativity.

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